Hi there!
I'm Marc Fernández

Ex Marketing Analyst at Sony

Business Administration & Advanced Quantitative Methods (Data Science)

Let's not get lost in titles, who's the person behind this website? I'm very curious and always looking for opportunities to learn –especially so if I can be with people in the process. In my free time I love trail running, climbing, cycling, and overall doing any sport that gives me an excuse to be in the mountains. Oh! and I'm also in love with all things Scotland, especially when it comes to music (yes, I'll admit it, I even like bagpipes).

I've always had an interest in both business and programming, so naturally, when I started learning applied data science I found it to be the perfect combination for me. My favorite part is how it gives me the power to take part in impactful projects with a deeper understanding of their viability while overcoming part of the uncertainty that comes with taking decisions.
Do you see the world the same way?

Let's work together!

My journey


Sony Electronics

September 2021 – March 2022

Marketing Data Analyst


October 2017 – April 2018

Marketing Intern


Universitat Pompeu Fabra

September 2018 – June 2022

Business Administration and Advanced Quantitative Methods

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This is a collection of some of my projects. All of them tagged with the relevant skills applied, and the primary language used (English, Spanish or Catalan).
Some of the projects below link to the final executive summary or report, and others link to repositories, data dashboards, or a downloadable file.